Digital and Tech Internships in Madrid

Specifically Designed To Discover Europe’s Innovation Ecosystem.

From AI to design, there’s an internship track for everyone:

Brand / Design / Creativity

Skills of creativity will be a necessary asset for anyone working in 2020.

Machine Learning /AI / Coding

Explore the future and real-world applications of AI and data science.

Business Innovation

Intern in the biggest companies / brands / Start-ups / and share with them their vision of the future.

Fashion Innovation / Art Of Tech

Learn how to be authentic in the age of AI and automation.

Why Global Shifter?

We immerse our interns in a new environment filled with fresh ideas and a lot of passion

In partnership with Madrid's most renewal innovation hubs

Our interns

Will take a deep dive into data, innovation, marketing and entrepreneurship, so they can learn by first hand more than they ever thought possible.

Their choice to go Abroad will impact their future by creating lifelong connections, developing new skills and a Global network.

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How does it work?

We provide all the resources for great experiences professionally, logistically, cultural and social.


Our internship program is based in Madrid,

supported by over 100 startups hosting our interns from all over the world.

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It’s A Program Design To See Europe As A Hub Shaping The Industries Of The Future.

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