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Internships specifically designed to discover Europe’s innovation ecosystem.

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From AI to design, there’s an internship track for everyone:

Brand / Design / Creativity

Skills of creativity will be a necessary asset for anyone working in 2020

Machine learning /Engineering / Coding:

Explore the future and real-world applications of AI and data science

Business Innovation

Intern in the biggest companies / brands / Start-ups / and share with them their vision of the future.

Fashion innovation / Art of Tech

Learn how to be authentic in the age of AI and automation.

Know This First

We live in changing and exciting times for Tech, Business and Youth

At Global Shifter we welcome young professionals who are curious about the big challenges facing industry today.

Internships in Madrid

We immerse our interns in a new environment filled with fresh ideas and a lot of passion in partnership with Madrid's most renewal hubs

They will take a deep dive into data, innovation, marketing and entrepreneurship, so they can learn by first hand more than they ever thought possible. Their choice to Intern Abroad will impact their future by creating lifelong connections, developing new skills and a Global network.

A bit about our Story

At Global Shifter, we come together to predict, discuss, and invent the future.

We connect our interns with industry-leading professionals, creating panels of discussions and workshops. Topics range from artificial intelligence to creativity, and everything in between.

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Career Opportunities
The Difference

We will get you close to the most influential names in the industry to share their stories and experiences

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What's so unique about Global Shifter?

We provide all the resources for great experiences professionally, logistically, cultural and social. It's a program design to see Europe as a hub shaping the industries of the future.

Get a wider view from the future of work

Europe is leading the innovation world-wide, learn from first hands the skill you will need to compete in the market

Discover Europe from an innovative, unique point of view

We design our own cultural and professional activities, there's much more to see in Europe than the touristic offer, we want you to experience what makes a place and their people so unique.

We take care of the details, so you can have peace of mind!

Accommodation, transport, insurance, logistics, placement, phone mobile, trips, guidance to get yourself around Europe is included in the program.

Hammond KnightUniversity of South Carolina, USA

Every experience that I've every had with Global Shifter has been like a well poured pint of beer. Cool, relaxing, and it always leaves me feeling sexier than before I had it. I wouldn't trust my planning to anyone else, great eye for detail and always available for any question or concern. Highly recommend.

Carmen GoddenUniversity of Western Australia

From the minute the trip started and all the way to the end I knew I was in incredible hands. Everything was extremely well organised down to the last detail. I felt like they went above and beyond what was expected and the end result was an amazing trip to Spain which I'll never forget.

Daryl HokinDundee University, Scotland

Our experience abroad was well organised and never had a dull moment. Everything was taken care of and all we had to do was enjoy ourselves. I would thoroughly recommend the team to plan and organise your experience!

Brittney ClarkPepperdine University, USA

Had a great experience! Great group of fun, likeminded people. The whole trip was organized and well worth it. I would 100% do it again.

Zak ReidInstructor, Skate Nao

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From AI to design, we'll design the perfect experience for you!

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Digital And Tech Internships In Madrid
Specifically Designed To Discover Europe’s Innovation Ecosystem.

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